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Karen and Evelyn’s Story – A Doctor’s Love for His Patients

Eight years ago, when we first stepped into Dr. Abdelshaheed’s office for my mother’s appointment, I knew we were finally in good hands. I am my mother, Evelyn’s, primary caregiver; and the amount of times in these past 8 years that Dr. Abdelshaheed and his caring staff have truly been family to us are too many to count.

The Martin Family

My mother has numerous health problems and is on many medications. Her previous family practitioner was to interested in telling her what she wanted to hear and not what was in her best health interest. Being her caregiver, that doctor’s way of practicing medicine made my job 100% more difficult. I consider it a huge blessing for our family that we found Dr. Abdelshaheed. He is one of the most caring doctors I know, but he will also tell you the tough stuff out of love. He has your overall health in mind, all the time, for each and every patient. He also is networked with many other trustworthy, caring, and knowledgeable physicians. So, if he needs to refer us out to another physician, I can trust his judgement. He also will follow up and ensure we are taken care of and that the quality of care is excellent.

The office staff and nursing staff at Family Medicine Healthcare are wonderful!  They mimic the quality of care that Dr. Abdelshaheed gives. It is a fantastic place all the way around! They are always professional and go the extra mile to help their patients. I cannot tell you how many times I have called with a medical question, emergency, etc.. and they have immediately assisted me regarding my mother.

When I think about how Dr. Abdelshaheed and Family Medicine Healthcare have touched our lives there are two instances that come to mind.

The first was a nightmare situation for my mother and I. One February, my mother had intestinal surgery and ended up having severe complications with that surgery that landed her in the hospital for 20 days. I remember panicking, and then I immediately called Dr. Abdelshaheed. He promised me that he and his staff would help us through this hospital stay and ensure top care for my mother while in the hospital. Do you know that he came to the hospital every day?! Every day he or one of his covering doctors (who I completely trusted) came and checked on us. He made sure she was healing correctly, her medications were being monitored correctly, and that I was doing alright.

I cannot express the tremendous burden Dr. Abdelshaheed takes off of me as the caregiver. Knowing that my mother will always be checked on, taken care of, and receive the absolute best care gives me a sense of peace that I cannot begin to describe. Dr. Abdelshaheed is a man of his word; if he is your doctor, you WILL receive phenomenal care.

The second instance was another lifesaver for us. So you can understand the whole situation, here is some background. My father passed away from a stroke. At that time, we didn’t have Dr. Abdelshaheed as our physician; and unfortunately, my father had terrible care.

The second instance started when one morning my mother woke up and I noticed her mouth was twisted and she couldn’t eat her breakfast cereal like normal. I immediately called Family Medicine Healthcare, and they told me to call 911.

When we arrived at the emergency room, numerous doctors saw my mother. Then the neurologist ran his tests. Before the test results even came back, the neurologist diagnosed her with a stroke. These words struck terror in me. It brought back all the recent memories from my father’s illness.

Once we finally were placed in a room at 9:00 pm that night, Dr. Abdelshaheed called me from his home to check on us. He was on the phone with the nursing staff for at least an hour that night making sure they understood her medication and knew her medical chart. He was there first thing the next morning at 7:00 am to check on us. One look at my mother and he said, “Evelyn, that is not a stroke! That is Bell’s Palsy!” Sure enough, once the tests results were checked, Dr. Abdelshaheed was right! The relief that my mother and I felt was overwhelming! Once again, so thankful that Dr. Abdelshaheed was there with us every step of the way.

I am so grateful that I am able to share our story with you because doctors that go the extra mile, call you after hours to check on you, visit you in the hospital, and ensure your overall health do still exist. You can see the best one, Dr. Abdelshaheed, at Family Medicine Healthcare.

~ Karen Martin, caregiver of Evelyn Martin




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