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5 Ways to a Smart Start With Baby

5 Ways to a Smart Start With Baby in Chesapeake, VA

As a Family-oriented provider we often advise new parents in regards to their children and as we begin the summer writing about infants seems appropriate.

Parents and health professionals must partner for a healthy baby. This is a time of exciting physical and emotional growth. Your baby will triple in weight, grow many inches, and learn how to sit and stand. Emotionally he/she will develop bonds of love and trust with people around. The way you nurture now lays the foundation for a self-confident active toddler.

Your baby’s health professionals are your partners in keeping your infant healthy. Health professionals know about child health care, growth, and development. You have the day-to-day experience that makes you an expert on your baby. You are the best person to make sure your baby gets the kind of care he/she needs.

Social Development: Encourage your baby to feel good about him/her self through praise, spending time together, talking, singing.

Encourage good feelings: do things together as a family, encourage older siblings to spend time with the baby, and family members to show affection to the baby and each other. Encourage your baby to enjoy other people, find safe, fun ways for the baby to spend time with other adults. Think about a parent baby play group. Here are some local playgroup options: Link Here

Eating: Breast milk is best for new baby. It is easy to digest and has just the right nutrients. If you choose to bottle feed, be sure to feed formula that is iron fortified. Hold baby partly sitting when bottle feeding. Do not warm bottles in the microwave and stop feeding the baby when s/he seems full.

Oral Health: Even before the baby’s first tooth appears you can clean gums by gently wiping them after each feeding with a clean damp washcloth. After teeth appear clean them with a soft infant toothbrush with just water.

Physical Activity: Help your baby to be active by playing and finding ways to rock, bounce, and sway gently. Never shake a baby as that may cause serious injury. Help the baby play with toys. Choose games that encourage movement rather than sitting and watching. Watch your baby learn to crawl and walk.

Child Care and Learning: Choose your child care carefully by planning. Choose a childcare provider that will give the baby the loving attention they need and want and pick babysitters you trust. Here are some tips (link here) on how to find a good childcare provider.