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Summers’ Story – How a Doctor’s Compassion Erases Fear

About four years ago, I knew it was time to for me to schedule a physical. I hadn’t been to the doctor in a while, and, to be honest, I wasn’t looking forward my appointment. That is before I meet Dr. Abdelshaheed and his compassionate staff at Family Medicine Healthcare.

Western Branch Family Doctor, Dr. Abdelshaheed, Family Medicine Healthcare

Dr. Abdelshaheed’s caring personality and genuine concern for my health situation have kept me coming back regularly these past four years. I hadn’t been to a doctor in a while, so I had a handful of medical problems and questions I needed addressed. Dr. Abdelsaheed was extremely thorough in my exams and in making certain he was referring me to the best specialists in our local area.

I have bone degeneration in my neck and arthritis in my limbs. Dr. Abdelshaheed has referred me to excellent orthopedic specialists, a spine center, and pain management doctors. Being a mother of a young child, he valued my desire to be active. He made sure I had the help I needed to be up and moving. One day when I was in terrible pain, Dr. A gave me in-office epidural injections in my shoulder. This was when I noticed the unmatched level of compassion in him as a doctor. He was thrilled when the injections started helping my pain.

Like so many other people in Hampton Roads, I suffer from terrible seasonal allergies. If left unmanaged, they make me very sick. Dr. Abdelshaheed continually manages my allergies with great success. He also referred me to an allergy clinic. Dr. A always refers me to the right doctors at just the right time. He has never hesitated to get me the help I need when I need it.

Even through my multiple referrals, Family Medicine Healthcare has regularly kept updated medical records so that they provide the best, comprehensive care in combination with the specialists. This continuity of care is critical to me.

My husband, Neil, is also a patient at Family Medicine Healthcare. Whenever either of us have an appointment with Dr. A, we comment about how excellent of a doctor he is and how we always leave with a smile. Maybe that is because Dr. A’s smile and his sincere love for his patients is contagious!  In all of my many appointments with Dr. Abdelshaheed, he has taken his time listening to my health concerns without fail. I don’t know of any other doctor that actually hears what their patients have to say! It is the most comforting feeling to trust your primary care doctor.

Thanks, Dr. A and the nursing and administrative staff at Family Medicine Healthcare for always going above and beyond! I know my health is in good hands.

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